Here you can learn how to create your app for the programmed world. You see the architecture, the APIs, examples, and how to create your killer app.

That is not all. You can issue your API calls to a very realistic simulated network.


There are several main layers of the programmed world:

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Your Killer App

The APIs offered by NEF are nice. But you need to combine them smartly to come up with a killer app. You may mix 5G network, telephony, as well as robotics and banking APIs. For example, a battery-operated thumbnail-size package tracking sticker may need these:

  1. Getting notified when the device wakes up
  2. Querying location
  3. Data exchange (NIDD) to query environmental values, such as temperature or experienced vibration
  4. If human intervention is needed, a text message may be sent
  5. Detect when device goes abroad, so that you can switch to another SIM from your international SIM pool
  6. Authenticate the device with the new SIM to be able to use NIDD data exchange

API Access

A 5G network can offer you many possibilities to create great new applications. Now you have the opportunity to try your idea.

You find reference for the APIs here. A bunch of standard API descriptions. Far from being fun to read.

The real fun begins when you register for our simulated network. That network behaves much like a real one. NEF is a very real one, actually. So a great place to experiment.

To gain access you need to fill a registration form. TBD. When your registration is accepted, you get your credentials.

Code Snippets

Note that many services send notifications. You must run such apps in a way that NEF can reach your server. Make sure a NAT or a firewall is not in your way.